Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Just a few drawings today inspired from Kevin Smith's CLERKS the Cartoon...we were just hitting our stride when it was cancelled.

The writing was funny and odd, but the animation was spotty.  It's a pretty big leap of faith when choosing an overseas animation company for TV animation.  The overseas studios do tests and one has to choose.  It's a relative crap shoot and in retrospect, we chose badly.

It's worth noting that I had much of the same artistic team back a year later on Disney's KIM POSSIBLE. This time we lucked out with a better studio and the production value of the show was considerably higher.

The shower drawing was for a proposed cover for the video release of the series.  Kev chose to a different drawing for the cover, but ran it on the inside of the DVD pamphlet.

Bob and Jay caught in Spidey's web was commissioned by a fan.  It was fun to draw the characters and get away from the strict animation look where all the lines need to connect and no rendering is allowed.
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