Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Since this is my site of Major Damage, I thought it about time I posted some. Major Damage can be summed up as SUPERDUPERMAN meets BIG, or "what if Billy Batson was stuck in CAPTAIN MARVEL'S body?"

It started as a little, short CGI film done after hours with friends and colleagues in the film industry and later turned into a little cottage industry.  I adapted the storyboards into a comicbook story and published a digest featuring it and other behind the scenes art.

My day job directing animation has kept me pretty busy over the years, but I've been able to generate some Damage gear, notably a lunchbox, t-shirts and silicone placemats.

The comic cover featured here is an homage to FF #107 (a comic I remember fondly as a kid) and was coincidentally featured on the flipside of SAVAGE DRAGON #107 and contained an original 16 page story.

That was a fun project as Erik included Major Damage the my giant tiki monster HUMONGOUS in his story.  Major Damage, who was new to the superjock scene, was starstruck to be among Erik's other heroes.

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