Monday, May 23, 2011

Original Tracy rough
The Dick Tracy connection continues with this pitch drawing for a proposed TV series.

My take was, "what if Tracy was created today?"  

I looked at a lot of Tracy reference before starting as I wanted my Tracy to look current and classic at the same time.  Updating the villains to gang members seemed right since this was to be present day.  The old school mobsters made Tracy feel like, "my dad's comic strip hero." 

In Fox's ALVIN and the CHIPMUNKS, for which I directed the animation and design of the characters, there was a similar problem with their sweaters.  I suggested ditching the turtlenecks for hoodies because relatively speaking, people simply didn't wear them anymore.  The chips wore them in the original series because they were popular.  Hoodies kept the same feeling but made them current.

Final pitch art done using Illustrator

I took pains to make Tracy easy to animate with simple streamlined shapes.  I wanted him to recognizable as Tracy, but not a "moving drawing" which can happen if the original print design is taken too literally into animation.

Illustrator is kind of a pain to use in one sense as selecting those tiny handles can be frustrating.  I love the flexibility in being carry the work around on my laptop and work on it at my convenience.

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