Monday, May 23, 2011


Many years ago while an animator at Disney Feature Animation, I was asked to do some drawings for the DICK TRACY movie. I did a few roughs and never heard back from the powers that be. Nothing. No comments, no "thank you" no "no, thank you," just dead air.

Months went by and then I started to see poorly cleaned up versions of my drawings on sleeping bags, lunchboxes, etc...  The three poses of Dick Tracy featured above are all mine.

A funny aside. I recall telling a Disney exec that the merchandise for Dick Tracy would fail because Tracy wasn't cool in the same way that Batman was. That Batman merch was huge because wearing the Batsignal on your chest was cool, wearing a t-shirt with a drawing of Warren Beatty on it wasn't. He laughed and months later sent me a note along with an article from the trades saying as much. "As per our previous conversation, it appears your instincts were correct."

Oh, yeah, I did get paid.
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